Two Marietta moms with a love for their family is what drove Dana Moore and Michelle Davenport to create Your Kitchen Table.

                                                   Michelle Davenport and Dana Moore

                                                   Michelle Davenport and Dana Moore

“Two of my biggest loves in life are family and food,” said Dana. “I started experimenting in the kitchen around the age of 10, and I have always loved the idea of bringing my family and friends together with a meal.”

Through the local grapevine, Dana learned of another mom that shared her passion for food and all things family.

“When my girls were born, I left the world of law to be a full-time mom,” said Michelle. “As my children grew older and could drive themselves, I found myself with a great deal of free time. I love to cook as well, and wanted to share this love with others and their families.”

The two understand that family time is so precious and that with today’s busy schedules, quality family time has become few and far between. While preparing to get their business off the ground, the two moms actually learned of a statistic that shows families who sit down to a meal together several times a week are more likely to have kids who feel loved and secure in who they are in the world.

“Our goal is to help families gather around their kitchen table with a home cooked meal once a week. No work, no stress. Just quality time with the family,” said Dana.

“We want to help people out by relieving them of the chore of putting a home cooked meal on the table for their family, whether it is a family with a house full of kids, or an elderly couple who has a hard time getting to the grocery store and spending time in the kitchen,” said Michelle.

Your Kitchen Table delivers some of the finest meals in Cobb County. Whether it be their famous flank steak dinner or their incredible Italian soup, the meals are delectable, affordable and many are actually extremely healthy!

These two women have built a business that began with delivering to a handful of their friends and now have a client list in the hundreds. They have moved to an industrial kitchen location and you can find them delivering their incredible meals each and every Wednesday throughout Cobb County. And these two are not stopping here! They have big plans in the next few years to have their meals carried in local shops and stores so that many more can enjoy their family and a wonderful dinner. The business will continue to grow but their focus on the family dinner will remain.