Thankful for Your Kitchen Table Thanksgiving Meals

November 1st. No matter how hard we might try to avoid the inevitable, the holidays will soon be upon us. Why not take the stress out of cooking Thanksgiving this year? Why not let Your Kitchen Table take care of the turkey, the dressing and even a breakfast casserole for that morning?

It might sound too good to be true, but it is not. For many of us family members will arrive that we have not seen in months. College kids are home to spend time with family and perhaps, you even work a fulltime job and the last thing you want to do is cook all day!

Your Kitchen Table provides a delectable meal that the entire family will enjoy at an extremely affordable price. Why not check out the menu today and start a brand-new holiday cooking (or should we say non-cooking) tradition with Your Kitchen Table.


Eating Healthy this Summer

For months, we have heard that you all wanted healthy meal options, and we are excited to announce we are now fulfilling those wishes!

This month we are offering menu items such as marinated chicken, onion, pepper and mushroom kabobs, as well as marinated salmon with roasted broccoli and orzo with basil pesto! Got your attention? We thought so!

Our healthier meals are not only delectable, but did you also know eating healthy is simply better for you? According to, making wise menu choices can help you have more energy, increase your immunity, help you look better and possibly even live longer! Not to mention the great example you are setting for your children.

Your Kitchen Table is excited about these new menu items and hope you are too! Make sure to order today for the rest of May and be on the lookout for menu offerings in June.